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Buy the Will of God book and get full understanding on every passage on the Will of God

What Is the Will of God?

70 passages on the Will of God discovered and explained.

Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

The most popular belief among believers debunked.

Can You Be Outside of God's Will?

Don't be fooled. You can find yourself living outside God's Will. Learn the truth.

The Will of Satan Revealed

Did you know Satan has a will that is influencing man and earth?

Bring God's Will to Earth

How does God's Will become manifest on the earth? The truth will shock you.

How To Live The Will of God

Once you know the Will of God you change the way you live and think.

What our readers have to say

This book has been helping people understand the Will of God. Here is some of the feedback we have received from our readers!

Aubrey HarperWill of God is such a refreshing read. Expect to change your perspective on how we as Christians are meant to live our lives. Spoiler: it’s actually not as complicated as we make it, and Eric breaks it down to be just as clear and simple as it really should be.
Aubrey Harper
Dale BettencourtI have read many Christian books in my life time, but none like "The Will of God". I didn't know the bible had so much scripture on this topic until I read this book. I love how the scripture is broken down and explained. After reading this book I feel encouraged to know that His will is no longer a mystery to me.
Dale Bettencourt
Chrissa TrudelleThe "Will of God" is a refreshing theological read on frequently discussed topic. It offers indepth insight on spiritual matters, in both the theoretical and practical. I finished the book feeling empowered, and walked away with greater understanding of the meaning of God's will in our lives.
Chrissa Trudelle
D.J. StephenTo know God you must understand His Will. To know His Will there is no better book than this one. Eric’s scripture based analytical approach to this topic will leave you feeling absolutely certain about His Will for your life. This book is a must read for anyone looking to take their faith to the next level.
D.J. Stephen
Rachel CrawfordI help people heal from tragedy and loss as a profession. When they are incorrectly told or believe their suffering is God's Will it only intensifies their grief and shakes their faith to its core. After reading "The Will of God" I am more equipped than ever to show them through scripture the goodness of God and help them restore their faith that was nearly destroyed, not by suffering, the by incorrect theology.
Rachel Crawford
Ruben MelendezIn this book I've discovered brand new revelation on the Will of God. Formerly, I often believed that God was cruel and that His Will was the cause of my heartache. Reading this book has helped me change my faith to see God as the loving Father He truly is.
Ruben Melendez

Every believer ponders the Will of God...

But what most people believe is a wrong.

"God's Will is always done on Earth."

"Nothing happens outside of God's Will."

"Everything happens for a reason."

"Nothing can stop the Will of God."

"God won't give you more than you can handle."


"Be able to test and approve what God’s Will is." Romans 12:2

Understanding the Will of God Changes Everything


Develop Confidence in the Will of God

When you understand every passage on the Will of God, you will be able to test and approve what the Will of God is in your life and in the world.

Renewed Vision To Impact The World

If you want to understand how you are equipped to bring God’s Will from heaven to earth, you need to understand how you are vital to the Will of God being accomplished on Earth.

Profound Revelation For The Goodness of God

You cannot believe God is good while believing God Will is responsible for sickness, evil and tragedy. Receive a new revelation of God’s goodness by understanding His Will.

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