God’s Will is for the Salvation of All


It's the will of God peopel are saved

Jesus Makes it Clear – God’s Will is the salvation of all.

One of the most profound passages on the Will of God comes in Matthew 18:14 – Jesus says, “It is not the Will of your Father in Heaven that any of these ones perish.”

It’s the single passage in all the Bible that defines what ISN’T the Will of God. That means when you pray for you friends, family, colleagues, even strangers, you can confidently declare it is God’s Will that they know Jesus.

Isn’t that amazing? We no longer need to pray powerless prayers for friends and the lost such as, “If it’s your will, may they know you.”

For some reason, this topic sets off a fire storm of debate that has believers vehemently defending the view that God’s Will is to send people to hell. In other words, specific people were created for the purpose of going to hell. I don’t know why any believer would want want to adopt such an ugly view. Complicit in this view is a misunderstanding (and twisting) of some key scriptures. I would love to share my thoughts with you on them. See below!

Can I send you the excerpt of this topic from my book?

I understand this touches on some hot theological questions and debate. I included a small section of this debate and understanding this passage and others in my book. It’s only 8 pages and you can download it below.  If you want to read it, enter your email below and it will get delivered to your inbox for you to read immediately.


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